Hey Everyone,

To my new followers since I wrote about the piece on the shooting in Charleston– welcome! Thank you all for your wonderful words of solidarity.  It was such a tough time, and in lot of ways, still is.  I took some time off of writing on the blog to be with the fam and plan for next month’s relaunch of “Shalom in the City”!   Y’all the new look is so wonderful and I can’t wait to show it off.

So, if you’ve been a reader of this blog for like a minute, you know that I am a Noonday Ambassador.  I’m actually coming up on my on year anniversary soon- which is so crazy!  I started because I wanted to explore practicing shalom globally.  So much of my focus was on inner city ministry and when I read the Great Commission, I realized that Jesus’ message of wholeness is for all who are broken- in the inner city of New Orleans all the way in the slums of India- and beyond.  Noonday has helped me think about this global wholeness and creating economic justice.  But, more than a paradigm change, in Noonday, I found a tribe of women to belong to, a fun conversation starter, and a way to feel put together every day. Like now, as I write I’m wearing khaki and a workout top with a the cow horn hoops and I feel amazing.

If a girlfriend called for a coffee date, I wouldn’t hesitate to throw on my TOMS and meet her. That’s the power of a good accessory!

As an ambassador, one of my favorite times of the year is sample sale time. When new lines launch, you can grab lovely pieces for a fraction of the cost.  Most of us sell our spring and summer samples to get for the fall and this season is no exception.  In fact, I CANNOT WAIT for it!   Our new fall line launches August 6th and it’s suppose to be a stunner. I mean…

Model-PrelaunchThat necklace will be mine! Oh, yes, it will be!

But, in order to make sure I have a good representation from the new line, I need sell out some of the pieces that aren’t carrying over or that I’m not wearing as much as I’d like to afford new pieces.

IMG_6867-1 frostedbib Afar voyager Tasselnecklace BrassLeaves H'MongMakeupBag BirdofParadise
I’m giving a 40% discount off of retail price with a flat fate of $5.00 shipping even if you buy more than one item!  Book a show with me and you’ll automatically get 50% off and FREE SHIPPING.

To claim a piece, email me at Osheta.noonday@gmail.com and I’ll send you a Paypal invoice!

I’m so excited to send these lovelies to you!

Shalom while you shop!