Hey everyone!

I’m at LAX at the gate waiting for flight to board!

Thank you for making this happen for me! Thank you for sending a little shalom to Allume!


Since I’ve posted my “leaving for Allume” status there’s been enough interest in giving towards the fundraiser that I’m posting one last time.

There’s still a chance to get a “Shalom in the city” shirt for $25 and all gifts are deposited in my account the next day so your gifts will go towards traveling expenses like meals, books, gas, and my “mommy alone time” hotel room on Sunday evening.


But here’s an extra perk..anyone who gives $10 or more will be added to my secret Shalom Supporters Facebook “Osheta’s at Allume” event. This is my space to share insider pics, giveaways from my abundant swag bag (y’all I’ve heard it’s going to be epic!), specific prayer requests (like I’m meeting with an agent about my book idea- what the what?!?) and so much more. So if you feel inclined or you’ve texted me wanting to give but need the link. It’s below:



These three books and journal are my companions for the flight to Atlanta. I have a very real and very disturbing sickness…I almost bought ANOTHER book at Hudson News! I know, right?!?! But I should pace myself – there’s going to be so many books at Allume for free or majorly discounted! Give in any amount to the fundraiser and I’ll find you on Facebook  and add you tot the event!

Whole I’m waiting I’m reading, “Women are Scary” by Melanie Dale and it’s a scream! So funny and real. Here’s my favorite quote:


“Finding friends also means learning how to be a good  friend,  so where also working on our own stuff too. As we seek to encourage and support the moms around us we become exactly the kind of friend you want to have.”

Y’alll! I get to ride to allume with this lovely author! I’ll pick her brain about this quote and so much more.  Tomorrow, I have a story about how I failed to be the kind of friend I want to attract during this project. Until then, I hope you have an amazing day and please pray for traveling mercies for me.

Scary Shalom,