I’m sitting in a dark room listening to Yo Yo Ma and crying over the election.
I didn’t realize I was so invested in it— but I do. I have biracial kids, y’all. They look at and read the things I’ve written about peacemaking and race and they ask me, “Mom. Are you going to be safe if Trump is elected? He hates writers who disagree with him and black people.” What do I say now?  I’m completely out of my depth here. It truly feels like sackcloth and ashes, lamenting and fasting, pausing and praying are appropriate here. As followers of Jesus we are not in uncharted territory— we have lived under and even thrived under oppressive governments. We’ve still loved people well and championed the oppressed even though we ourselves we oppressed. I’m scared to acknowledge that, but it’s true. The fact that it’s true though does not take away the very real pain and sadness I feel right now. I am truly broken-hearted. So, where is God’s Shalom here? How can I access rest and peace?



Well…I think it starts with lighting a candle as an act of defiance.
The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.~ John 1:5


Then it’s imperative we make space for our lament. We must lean in to our sadness, our fears, our need for quiet, our cynicism and frustration. These are not evil emotions. We cannot move towards our wholeness without reckoning with our brokenness.  So, I’m making space for my lament. Trust me, the Lord is weeping with us.


Then, I’m letting my people in. I’m going to send texts and emails, facebook messages and voxes. I’m going to check in on them and I’m going to be honest about my fears. These days are raw and the pain is fresh— we cannot carry this weight along. We must gather.


They’ll be more thoughts later on peacemaking for others and the broken systems, but today ( and maybe the rest of this week, Love) we need to focus on our broken-heartedness.


#ImWithYou #BeKindToYourself #YouAreNotAlone #LightACandle