On Fridays I am planning on joining this cool link up I found called:  Five Minute Friday.  I love it because it reminds me of my favorite Mother’s Day gift from my husband, a writing class in Harvard Square.  I love the freedom to write whatever comes to mind.   Five minute. No over-thinking. No over-editing.  Just write.  So hard for this perfectionist.  

I hope you enjoy…

The children shuffle down the stairs, hair wild and breath fierce.  I’m attempting a moment of peace with my bible in my lap and my heart straining to find God’s before the day starts, but they hijacked my morning.  Again.
“Cereal?  Eggs?  Toast and jam?  No, I’m not making pancakes!”  They sulk and I drink coffee as if it’s my life source.  Again.
Mittens hiding, sock holey, shoes freezing in the van, favorite shirt is dirty.  I’m rushing to get them out the door dressed and warm. Again.
New forms to fill out, new people to meet, new procedures to learn, new role as New City Go-to Gal to fill.  I’m struggling with my shortcomings.  Again.
“Babe, did you send out that tax receipt? “ My pastor and husband says at the end of the day,  “Oh no, I’ve forgotten it!”  Again.
Wishing and hoping.  Thinking and praying.  Planning and dreaming.  For New City’s staff, launch team, and location.  Trusting that God’s got it all in hand.  Again. 
The children come home, rummaging through the fridge, pouring out their backpacks, squeezing my waist with hugs, and rubbing cold noses against mine. My house is loud and the transition is not smooth, but at 2 o’clock M-F joy comes home.  Again.
He wraps his arms around me in the corner of our tiny, cold kitchen while the kids watch goofy Disney actors attempts at karate (again) and for a moment we’re not church planters, we’re not tired parents, we’re not “go-to” girl and “pastor”, we’re Osheta and T.C., crazy kids who started their life together in the Big Easy with big dreams on our minds and big love in our hearts.  I’m comforted.  Again.
I lay in my bed with my iPhone under my pillow, thinking back through the day that feels like all the days before it­–stressful, eye opening, whirlwind, joyful, and comforting. 
And I thank God and hope I get to do it all again tomorrow.   

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