As soon as I read the prompt, ‘Remember” this scene from, “The Lion King” popped into my head.  I watched it and was inspired to write  today’s Five Minute Friday post on my struggle to remember my God-given identity.  I hope you enjoy, “Remember Who You Are”.

Remember Who You Are
I try to remember, I do.  I know all the verses—true they are not “hidden in my” heart but they’re stored in my mind and recorded in my journal.
One time, they meant something more to me. My highlighter streaked across the letters and words that formed life changing promises, like a shooting star on a bleak night.  But like all shooting stars there’s one perfect moment of brilliance, a trail of luminescence and then, it’s back to black. 

That’s how I feel this and every spring.  When temperature and fashion requires me to shed my protective layers, my comfortable layers, my hiding layers to reveal the “real” me.  
The “me” that is defined by numbers on a tag.  

And I’m reminded that I do not remember. 

So the verses call out to me again, “Remember who you are” from their tear stained but forgotten pages. 
I don’t remember that they say I am more than what I’ve become.  I don’t remember that I am defined by the King because He lives in me.  I don’t remember that my image reflects His and He is beautiful.  Glorious.  Mysterious. Compassionate.  Powerful.  Majestic and…My father. 
I need to remember who I am.   I need to remember who He is.
Why do I ever let myself forget?

What is your favorite verses that help you remember who you are?  How have you become comfortable in your skin?  Do you know that…


Come join us as we “Remember” this Friday
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