It’s Friday y’all!  Date night is in less than three hours away…yes!  And it’s time for FMF.  On Fridays during these thirty days of tribe finding, I’ll try to take Lisa-Jo Bakers Five Minute Friday prompt and work it into this tribe’s distinctions and core convictions.  Today’s prompt is: ordinary.

Here are the rules:

1: Write for five minutes

2:  Don’t over think. Don’t over-edit.  Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed.  Just be real and rambly and wonderful you.

3:  Link back here and then encourage the rambly wonderful woman that linked up before you.

Ok, so for today’s prompt,  I’ve got this crazy idea, but work with me ok.  It starts with a music video and an adventure.


As soon as I read the word “ordinary”,  I thought of my first car which I bought the summer before my sophomore year in college, a 2001 Honda Civic.  I was paying monthly waaaaaay to much for that car, but it had the two amenities I wanted 1: A sunroof to feel the wind in my hair and add excitement on my commute to school and 2: a CD player because a girl has to jam!


My favorite CD was Vanessa Carlton’s “Be Not Nobody” with the poppy wonder hit, “Thousand Miles”. The lesser-known equally wonder hit worthy, first track, “Ordinary Day” was what popped into my head to write about today.  But really, guys, I have like three minutes to crank this idea out and hopefully my timer won’t ding before I get to the good stuff.

But here we go:

He said take my hand,
Live while you can”

Ordinary Day is all about a girl and a boy (both ordinary by the way, but any girl who can play the piano like Vanessa is so not ordinary, but…I digress… and waste time) who go on an adventure together.  He’s mysterious yet trust-worthy wise and courageous. He’s ordinary, yet something about him betrays how very extraordinary he is.

And on this adventure, this ordinary day with an ordinary boy, she finds confidence, love, intimacy,  and healing.

The song ends with her waking in her bed, wondering was it all real, doubting the existence of that very special boy, and she looks up to find him at the door, hand extended, inviting her back on the adventure all over again.

And I think about Jesus.  I think about my picture of God that looks like ordinary, human, relate able Jesus.  Creator God who took on a carpenter’s skin. And I think about this love that is so not ordinary.  As Sade puts it, “this is no ordinary love”. His love is so great that he risks being heartbroken by his creation so that he can have an authentic relationships with us.  I think about my Jesus who reaches out his hand to me every, single, ordinary day of my ordinary life and offers extraordinary confidence, intimacy, and healing.  And I think about the time I doubt how this extraordinary God can love ordinary me. I think about the times I wonder, “was that real” or “is God even there”.  And I remember the times he stands at the doors and knocks, waiting for me to fling it wide open, take his outstretched hand and let him lead me on a new adventure.


And my time’s up, but I’ve got so much more to say about our picture of God and the adventure that is loving and living for Jesus.   But, I guess I have to save it all for next week’s Campfire Conversations Friend, Describe our Tribe Leader and Kingdom Woman Warm Your Feet By This Fire, and Warrior Princess, We’re in the Middle of Battlefield.  Can’t wait to talk more next week. This weekend, I’ll post two prayers for unity to remind this tribe that we’re members of the Jesus Tribe.

Loving Extra-Ordinary You,