This morning, my alarm went off at 5:45 for the first of my 31 Breakfasts with Jesus, I swore into my pillow and went back to sleep.  Great start to 2014, wouldn’t you, say?  Two hours later, knowing if I didn’t move soon the kiddos would hijack my quiet time, I finally rolled to sitting, stretched, and mentally ran through the contents of my bare pantry (today’s grocery day).  Having eggs and bread and maybe a piece of bacon somewhere, decided to make an egg in the hole.

IMG_4107  IMG_4109

I learned how to make them from the Pioneer Woman and it’s probably the most filling breakfast I can make in less than 15 minutes with a per-caffeine foggy brain.  Most of my breakfasts this month will require a bit of work so than I can wake up and appreciate my breakfast and bible study.  While I’m making my breakfast, I’ll listen to a sermon on the passage I’m reading this morning, both to help inform my study, but to help wake me up.  If I jump right in with my Bible and a cup of coffee, I will fall back asleep, quite possibly in danger of swearing into the pages of my bible—sacrilegious, I know!



Breakfast was tasty, a bit on the burned side, but oh wells, we’re one day in, there’s grace for bad cooking on the first of the New Year, right? Right.

So here’s the plan before I jump into my five-minute reflection in (pt.2), and yes, I will be setting my timer for five minutes:

1: I will create a Pinterest Board of 15-20 breakfast items and cycle through them.  Part of the reason I have not been eating breakfast consistently is lack of creativity and options, this board will be my food guide through these 31 days. Today, I made an egg in a hole, tomorrow I’ll make something different.  I want to taste new breakfast options, I want to risk starting the day with a “meh” meals to find my “amazeballs” meals. Hopefully, they will become my go-to breakfasts after this series.


2:  While I make my breakfast listen to a sermon on Luke.  Right now I’m working through Brian Zahnd’s series from Word of Life Church, “Dear Theophilus: Meeting Jesus in Luke’s Gospel”. I’m a new follower of Brian’s blog, but he’s such a solid theologian and I love how he brings everything back to Jesus and preaches a Jesus looking picture of God.  Recently I learned from him that in Luke, Jesus practices radical hospitality and reveals the Kingdom of God through sharing meals with people, more so in this Gospel than any other, so what better book to read this month as I sit here at my kitchen table meeting Jesus over my eggs, granola, coffee cup, and toast?

IMG_4106  IMG_4112

3:  I was given a Jesus Calling devotional Bible for Christmas so, I’ll be reading that along with the passage from the sermon during my reflection time.

4: I have my journal, my fridge notepad for notes from the sermon while I’m cooking, and my Little Women pen, I picked up from the Louisa May Alcott House in Concord, MA.

5:  And of course…I’ll have my coffee and French press!

You should expect a post every day with my reflections from the text and once a week a separate post on a different topic (right now I’m working on a post on hospitality and another on body image).

Click here for “Taste and See Theophilus (pt. 2)”.

Happy New Year,