Christ is risen!

He is risen, indeed!

I can’t contain my joy today.  Of all days, today, Resurrection Sunday, our hope in Christ in realized. When Jesus rose from the grave, he did more than thumb his nose at metaphysics or performed another miracle, he brought Shalom!

Death, suffering, injustice, violence, oppression, all come under his rule because he OVERCAME.  His life was vindicated and his self-giving example of love upheld when he rose from the grave.

Our wholeness is here!

We just have to choose it. We have to open our hands, to receive it.  Open our eyes to perceive it.

Shalom is ours for the taking, Loves.

Today we’re reminded that our hope is not in vain when we place it in Jesus.

Satan did his worse.  He brought the violence of hatred and pride from an eternity past on our savior and Jesus responded with peace, truth, faithfulness and his unfathomable love.

Love that poured out for you and me.

Love that says, “You are worth it!”

Love that says, “I see you.  I know you.  Right now on this cross, I understand your pain.”

Love that says, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise”

Love that’s so great the God who is love, vindicated Jesus’ suffering because three days later HE ROSE FROM THE GRAVE.

If the cross was his inauguration as Prince of Peace, the empty tomb is his proclamation that he is King Eternal!

Can you see why I can’t stop dancing around my kitchen this morning?

Today know this, my friend.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  You are seen by this overcoming,  gentle, faithful Jesus.  He understands pain and suffering and fear and loneliness.  He gets it and he is with you and your suffering.  Trust that it will be redeemed.  Because the Redeemer lives.

Happy Easter, my friends.  I’m praying for Jesus to delight you with joy, inspire you with hope, and give you courage in the midst of suffering.

Here’s my playlist today from Spotify and an amazing video from Gungor that inspired the title of this post.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wl_tiqEWN-M]

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Thankful for the Shalom of the Resurrection,