I’m super excited to share this post with y’all because I’ve been sitting on this news for months! A while ago, I applied to become a writer for Noonday’s Flourish Blog and a few weeks later I received an email that I was one of six ambassadors chosen to write for the blog! This is my first post about moving, why I Noonday and never giving up on your passions. I’m really proud of it.


he night before my husband left our home in Boston for Los Angeles to start his new job, we tucked the kids in together, packed his impossibly large suitcase, and sat on the couch to go over al the moving details. He’d go before our family and get settled in his new position as associate pastor of New City church and I would have the apartment packed up before he returned to load up our moving van. He’d find us a good place to live with an open plan for hosting, plenty of outdoor space for the kids, and pet-friendly for our black cat, Broadway.  I’d begin the long process of saying goodbye to Boston, goodbye to the people, goodbye to the snow, goodbye to Harvard Square where our kids played almost every weekend, and goodbye to the FANTASTIC public transit – we were trading in our T-pass for a fuel efficient Mazda. The Type-A in me was so pleased with all our progress – until we got to our final line item, my Noonday business.

“Babes,” I started – I call him Babes, he calls me Babers, a relic from our “unconventional” season when we tried every variation of “Babe” from “Babenstein” to “Baberino.” “What about Noonday?” I asked. “The new line’s coming out – should I buy new samples?”

He looked at me as if I had asked him if we should leave behind a child, or even worse, the cat.

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