Hearing myself consider docking the server’s tips for letting me go thirty minutes without fresh water disgusted my own ears. I knew I needed to filter my consumerism through the lens of “shalom”. Shalom is another word for peace, wholeness, and unity. It’s seeking to live as whole a life as possible. My attitude towards people in the service industry was broken, and in need of wholeness.

So, I decided that for Lent, I would do three things:

1: See the person behind the counter and remember one thing about them. The way they smile, their interesting tattoos, the way they part their hair. Anything that humanizes them.

2: On the phone, listen for their name, say their name back to them before jumping in to my need.

3: At the end of the call or transaction say, “Thank you” and mention one thing I loved about what they did.

For 40 days, I paid attention to the people in the service industry, letting Mother Teresa’s words, “We belong to each other”, mean more to me than a pretty phrase to hang on my kitchen wall. For the 40 days of Lent, I treated every person in customer service as if they belonged to me, and soon, they did.



Photo by Naama Ym


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