Shalom Steps (6)

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Do you  read books about justice and feel like you’re just not “radical” enough to help?

Are you one of my sweet sisters in the suburbs with a heart for the big city, but need help with the “logistics of love”?

Ever wonder what does practicing “Shalom” look like in your life?

Does changing the world  feel like a thing you simply can not do with three kids in tow, a mortgage, and a minivan?

If so, “Shalom in the City” is the podcast for you.

What is “Shalom in the City”:  an interview format podcast that encourages women to see the ways they can create shalom—wholeness, unity, flourishing, and change— right where they are.  Somewhere between a fun coffee date and a workshop, every episode will have a combination of storytelling and teaching from the featured guest, called a “Shalom Sista”.

Why Shalom:  Shalom is a one way of saying peace, but it’s so much more than that.  It’s the world as it should be. Every woman who looks at her world, notices something that’s not working as it should be and asks, “How can I help” is a “Shalom Sista”.  The podcast exists to harness your earnestness and help you explore the many ways you can practice Shalom right in your context.

Featured this spring:


Megan Tietz of “Sorta Awesome”



Jamie Ivey of “The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey”


Shannan Martin, the Flowerpatch Farmgirl


Lori Harris


Becca Stanley of the Stanley Clan

Headshot Jan2016

Rachel Hollis of The Chic Site

and so many more fantastic guests!

Stay tuned for more.