I hated icebreakers for the longest, but when I started the women’s ministry at our old church I actually found them to be not that bad—if you can have a sense of humor.  So, I thought I’d use two of the ones I hated the most and share a bit about me:  

Shoe game
You know that game where you have to take one of you shoes off, throw it in a pile, and  at the direction of the leader, run like crazy to the pile, grab a shoe that doesn’t belong to you, and then find it’s owner?  Feet issues and fetishes aside, there’s something bonkers in the best way about women trying to identify each other by our shoes. Again, you have to have a sense of humor or this just won’t work.  Urban ministers can’t afford show fetishes, but I do have one pair of shoes that I love, love, love.  So if I were at a woman’s event, I’d probably be wearing these heels….

Now you know how to find “me” in a pile of shoes 🙂

Purse game
This one’s an oldie but a goodie.  You sit in a circle and pull out items in your purse to help the group get to know you.  I’ve played this game several ways:



reflect your personality best

most used

Here’s my purse.  Well actually, I have two purses that I’m using right now.  I’m ashamed to admit this (western guilt and all), but I have several purses that I switch out based on season, need, and my mood.  I usually get them on sale though and second hand….once I got a D & G purse with matching wallet for free at a Mom to Mom swap….I’m rambling…this is what happens when I succumb to guilt…I ramble.

Anyway, here’s my purse(s)

Both are Vera Bradley (I love pretty things)

Inside you’ll find:

Origins Peace of Mind: I’m a wife, mama, homemaker, and church planter…’nuff said

Some type of lotion:  My hands get dry in the winter. Right now it’s B&BW.

Hand sanitizer: I’m not a germaphobe.  I just hate geting sick.

Honey:   I’ve taken to drinking tea lately (I blame Harry Potter and Downton Abbey) and I love honey in my tea.  Why is it in my purse?  I was at a friend’s house the other night who doesn’t drink honey in her tea (I know weird, right) and as a retired Girl Scout camp counselor, I’m always prepared! Or is that the Boys Scouts?  Oh well, I was only there for two summers…

My coupon wallet (pretty blue and yellow in the front) because a sister’s gotta save somehow…

My inhaler (boo)

A “How to Train Your Dragon” key chain:  Hand’s down one of the best illustrations I’ve seen for reconciliation!  Love. Plus, it reminds me of a fun family outing to see the live show.

My wallet and keys combo: I’m super forgetful, so I figured if I upped the ante by increasing the possibility of losing my keys and money at one time– I’d take better care to put them away….so far, so good :).

oh and that cutie in the back…is my Trinity.  

Some of the prints don’t match, but it’s ok.  I’m a learning live with inconsistencies and imperfections.  Just like my faith journey, sometimes Jesus makes total sense, sometimes I think He’s crazy and sometimes I just don’t think I’ll ever get Him. 

But He’s still beautiful and my life-saver.