Yesterday’s post was heavy, so in the interest of levity and laughing and all things silly, I’m linking up Mawah and Jake to “Finish the Sentence”.  


1: If calories didn’t count…I would eat brownies and ice cream for dessert every single night. Oh the variations of brownies å la mode I’d enjoy!  Cheesecake brownies and chocolate….caramel nut brownies and dolce de leche…chocolate chuck brownies and Madagascar vanilla bean…this is just too painful to think about while I’m trying to lose weight for Exponential in Orlando. 

2. On my Prom night…I learned three life-changing lessons.  1: never go on a blind date set up by your debate coach because she felt sorry no one asked you to prom. 2: Drinks that you have to chewprobably aren’t good for you.  Avoid them. 3: When a bunch of friends invite you over to the beach house they rented for a prom after-party, you will probably walk right into a Jodeci video.  These are things they don’t tell good, Christian girls in youth group.
3. When I go to the store, I always buy… some type of Method product.  I’m addicted.  Right now the only reason my dishes are getting done fairly regularly is because of the tomato vine scented dish soap. 
4. Family functions typically… don’t happen since we’re so far away from them and church planters don’t make bank.
5. I think my blog readers are… the best people in the blogosphere and I love them. Shameless plug, y’all join below ok?
6. I’d much rather be…in Fantasia.  First I’d give Morla a box of tissue. Blowing ancient turtle snot on Atreyu is just bad form. Girl needs a Kleenex! 

Then I’d take a ride on Falkor to the castle of the Childlike Empress,  Moonchild, where we’ll swap stories of name botches and mishaps.

7. I have an obsession with… thrifting, Craigslist, blogging at Starbucks, and Renovatus Church’s podcast. 
8. My work “friends” are… not plural, but one work friend —my hubby, planting pastor of New City Covenant.  He a cutie. 
9. When I created my Facebook account… I thought it was the lamest use of my time, until someone “liked” my status and then I could relate to Sally Field, “You like me!  Right now, you like me!”
10. My least favorite word is… maybe.  Dang it, either you do or you don’t.  You will or you won’t.  What is this ambiguous “maybe” you speak of? Clearly, I’ve got commitment issues.
11. I really don’t remember… how I ended up watching “Camp Nowhere” in the movie theater with the daughter of one of my mom’s friends one Saturday afternoon when I was eleven.  I remember having fish sticks and a Sprite for lunch and then taking a nap.  The next thing I remember, I was standing outside the theater with my friend and a $20 bill in my hand.  I have a theory.  My sweet, over concerned mom spiked that Sprite, conspired with her friends to get their introverted daughters out of the house, and then dropped me off, hoping I’ll break out of my shell and make new friends.  I think she heard me talking to my New Kids On the Block posters while lovingly stroking my cat, Sheba and she had a premonition that I’d become some crazy cat lady with pics of Jonathan Knight framed all over my wood-paneled, shag carpeted house.  Mama, if you drugged me…all is forgiven. I have a husband, a family and a house devoid of wood paneling or shag carpet.  And a deep appreciate for camp counselors.
12. Justin Bieber… in a suit and tie is goofy.  

Justin Timberlake on the other hand, is gorgeous in a suit and tie.

This link up has a prize, if I have the funniest responses I get a $10 gift card, but what would be even better is if you finish one of these sentences in the comments.  

So go on, pick your favorite and finish the sentence…

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