Hey friends,

I’d like to introduce a new weekly series on the blog called, “Hump Day Happiness” inspired by my family’s meal planning schedule.  On Wednesdays the day of the week we’re most worn down and tired, I decided to infuse the week with happiness and excitement by planning the dinner around a family’s member’s favorite dish just to make them smile.  On some Wednesdays we celebrate good news.   For instance, last week we celebrated the return of our minivan, tonight we’re making Trinity’s favorite meal of chicken pot pie.

I’ve loved my new rhythm of including happiness in my meal planning so much that I want to include happiness in my blog post planning so from now on Wednesdays here at “Shalom in the City”, I’ll share one thing that I came across online that made me happy, is worth celebrating, or beautiful.

Today’s Hump Day Happiness is a dance video from The Urban Dance Camp, choreographed by Keone & Mariel Madrid this just makes me smile so big—then at the end when they throw their shoes!?!?!?  So much fun.  I hope you love it.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_bX0T76X8U]



Join me in my Hump Day Happiness by sharing what you’ve seen online that’s made you happy, smile, or is just too beautiful NOT to share.