Last week my husband interviewed me for his podcast, “TheoGraff”, “A Jesus-Centered, Hip-hop flavored, geeky  theological kingdom exploration” :).  Isn’t my hubby ridiculously quirky.  I love it!  I’m so stinking proud of him!  Starting a podcast has been a dream of his for a while and what better way to show my support for my love than to be his first interviewee?  And even though I’m all about Jesus, love me some hip hop, am slightly geeky, and down for some Kingdom Theological exploration, this interview is really driven my story and my faith journey   We talked about everything from ecumenical adventures of Sunday worship as a young child going to early morning service at a Baptist Church then mid-morning service at an Assembly of God church  to my thoughts on Third Way Womanhood,  my Mennonite mentor when I was pregnant with my first son—Tyson, why the Anabaptist tradition resonates with me, and the book I dream of writing.  I’m also wicked congested thanks to the high pollen count that day, so…enjoy my stuffiness lovelies ;).


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Embracing my Mennonerd and Geeky Theological Explorer,