Me:  Babers I need to make a video for my readers on Friday; I’m announcing the winner of the Noonday Feather Fringe Earrings!

Hubby:  Yeah…Babes about that….. I can’t find iLife.

Me:  Wait? What?  Why do I need iLife?

Hubby:  Because you’ll need to edit your video in iMovie.

Me:  Can’t we get all Blair Witch and just iPhone it up?

Hubby: Not if you want to give your viewers motion sickness and an unnatural fear of accessories…or the woods?

Me: Isn’t there like an app for movie making?

Hubby:  yeah but I need to research that for you and I’m swamped with stuff to get ready before go to Missio next week and leave me with the kids for four days.

Me: So what I’m hearing is I can’t make a super fun video because we’re missing a disc with goobly gobblely html stuffs for video editing?

Hubby: Basically.

Me:  I hate computers.

So…y’all my Noonday adventure videos will have to wait for a couple of weeks.











Because I found this cool website to randomly pic a winner for us.


And the winner is….

Screen shot 2014-09-12 at 10.56.24 PM







YAY!  Amilia, I’ll be in touch on how to get your earrings to you!

Thank you everyone who entered! Have a wonderful weekend.

Seeking Shalom Even Though I’m Missing My iLife,