Hey y’all!


I’m so excited to introduce my field guides to y’all this week. The first is my best friend, the other pea in my pod, Charisa Martin, who blogs at “A Little Slice of Life”. We blog swapped over the summer.


We have the coolest meet cute story for our friendship. We met Pilgrim Pines family camp in New Hampshire.  Every morning there was a gathering time hat included funny video and chapel for the adults. Her and her husband, Steve sat in front of us during and at the end of chapel. When the service was over they turned around and saw us we struck up a conversation and I families have been best friends ever since.  We have  celebrated holidays together and have coffee together and prayed with each other and shoot each other on as bloggers!

She was the last friend I say goodbye to when we left Boston. I think y’all are going to love her!

This weekend, she and I are recording a little bonus podcast to the series on dealing with the ache of moving away/transitioning to a new community, keeping in touch when we’re far away and making new friends.

These are her first thoughts on friendship and they are so spot on!

G- grieve the friendships you’re leaving behind
R- recognize transition takes time
A- accept help from God and others
C- consider ways to connect without rigid expectations
E- expand your field of view

What do you think?

Which letter resonates with you?

When I read these thoughts I was reminded of the scripture that God’s grace is suffiencent for us. I’m leaning into this during the project.

Seeking shalom in the grace of God,