When I started blogging five years ago, my kiddos were littles, 8, 5, and 4, to be exact.  Their stories were all cuteness and adorable antidotes.  As they grew older—they’re now 13, 10, and 9— my stories about motherhood have became more complex as I help them process race, faith,  social faux pas, and complicated family dynamics.  My best inspiration comes from my mothering, so I want to give my kids a new level of ownership of the stories on the blog.

I’m constantly calling one of them over to my computer  to hear my posts.  ”

Is this ok?” I ask.

“Can I include this detail?”

“What do you want me to take out?”

“Do you mind if I say…”

This blog is as much theirs as it is mine, so whenever I write about my kids you’ll see one of these images.







Whenever you see one of my kid’s endorsement at the end of a blog post, you’ll know that whatever personal details, whatever conversation, whatever ah-ah moments I share, they are ok with it living on the blog.

Kid-Approved Shalom,