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Just popping in to let you know that I’ve been busy working on a second home for Shalom. A podcast is launching on Feb. 14!   If the website is our digital city bench where we talk about shalom, then the podcast is the coffee shop across the street where we break out our laptops, start taking notes, and get down to the nitty-gritty of becoming Shalom Shalom Sistas.

You can always find great content here about our lives and how we practice justice in our lives here in L.A., but what about you my dear friends in Methuen, MA or Plano, TX?  Yeah, I’ve been thinking a lot about you and how your want to do great things for your closest city, but not sure how.  Well, I have something exciting for you, I’m launching a podcast to help. I have some amazing guests lined up for this spring already…

podcast announcement

From the Podcast page:


Join me on “Shalom in the City” as I talk to amazing women, my Shalom Sistas, if you will,  who are seeking justice and wholeness for their communities in small, accessible ways, right where they are.

Every other week, you’ll hear inspiring stories and get practical help so you can seek the peace of your city from right where you are.  You’ll also have a chance to share your stories and request advice on our call in line for my “Shalom Session” bonus episode where I’ll work one listener to help her  find a way to practice Shalom in her specific city.

We launch on Feb. 14th.  More details will come on the Shalom’s newsletter “Passing the Peace”

If already receive “Passing the Peace”, then keep an eye out for  special pre-launch gift with directions on how to subscribe.

If not, join the newsletter here:

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My first guest is none other than my favorite urban minister, my husband TC, we’ll tell you more about how we fell in love with each other, the city, and the word “Shalom”.


Practicing Shalom with a Podcast,