My guest on the podcast this week is Margot Starbuck.  I love Margot so much.  She’s funny and whip-smart and you’re going to love my conversation with her about her community, “North Street Neighborhood”, a neuro-diverse community built around person with disability. We break down some terms and she gives us the most incredibly Shalom Steps.  You know, I sometimes feel so out of depth when it comes to being a good friend to persons with disabilities.  But by the end of my conversation with Margot, I was so empowered that I rallied my kids to go to the upcoming Special Olympics and..y’all…IT WAS AMAZING!  I hope you take a listen because there’s some good stuff for everyone of us in this episode.  Plus, we laugh…a lot!



I’ve known about Margot for a little bit now because I review books for one of her publishers, Herald Press.

Margot Starbuck is passionate about effective communication. She’s the author of seven books and a quiet collaborator on others. She speaks to audiences across the country about living the revolutionary Jesus way in the world today. In 2016 she’s sharing about living from the solid place: #livebeloved365
Which I SO encourage you to check out!
She’s passionate about equipping folks to love our (sometimes unlikely or overlooked) neighbors and that’s what we dig into in this episode of “Shalom in the City”

Shalom Steps



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Margot mentioned a fun video of an impromptu concert with her neighbors and friends from Urban Promise in the show.  Here’s that video:

I seriously wanna move to Durham, y’all!  Wait…what am I talk about? I love LA, I need to come alongside a Friendship House here and help create shalom through dancing and singing just like this.

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You can learn more about the North Street Neighborhood on their site.  You can find Margot on her site, or follow her on Facebook. 

As always, you can continue the conversation in the Shalom Sistas Hangout.

Shalom in your earbuds, y’all!