A manifesto functions as both a statement of principles and a bold, sometimes rebellious, call to action.

The Art of Manliness



“The more I get to know Jesus, the more trouble he seems to get me into.”
Shane Claiborne, The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical

Peacemaking is hard.  Living wholeheartedly when you’re feeling broken by the your circumstances or current events takes courage.  Loving kiddos with bad attitudes and the co-worker who reminds you of the mean girl in your high school requires commitment.  And, to be honest, peacemaking seems like such a lofty goal that requires a trip to Calcutta to learn from Mother Teresa’s acolytes— ‘aint nobody got time for that!

Which is why I’ve written a manifesto for us peacemaking women, Shalom Sistas, if you will.

Shalom is God’s dream for the world as it should be, and wherever we seek to practice peace right where we are, we’re helping make that dream come true.

These twelve points will be lanterns on our pathway towards peace. I love to get super practical so that’s why I created this 12-point actionable list.  I’m almost too Type-A to function ;). 

Why “Sista”

Because we belong to each other.

The Bible says,

“blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God.” 

This tells me that peacemaking is in our spiritual DNA—we can live into this familial trait as sisters. Which is thrilling and terrifying at the same time. The world needs a mighty army of women rising up together to stand for peace.

Sister/ Sista/ Which One

My husband says, the older I get the more Southern I sound. He’s caught me extending the “i” when I say rice and my “y’alls” are way more pronounced than ever. Whatever. I’m owning it.   So, when I say “sister” it inevitably comes out, “sista”. But know this Sweet Sista,  if, “Sister” is more comfortable for you, then just go with it. This is  Shame Free Sisterhood! 

Sista…Sister…. either way, I’m so glad you’re here

And Now…



The Shalom Sistas’ Manifesto

1:  There is grace upon, grace upon, grace upon…GRACE

2: I Belong to You, You Belong to Me, and We are Beloved

3: We Will Listen to Our  Jealousy

4:  We are Enough

5: We Will Show Up, Say Something, And Be Still

6: We Will Blame the Hard, not the Person

7: We Will Choose Subversive Joy

8:  We Will Tell Stories

9: Our Hands are Open

10: We are Pierced Women

11: Our Bodies Are Wholly Good

12: We Will Build Bridges


Once a week, I’ll write about a Manifesto point to flesh it out for y’all.  Some are pretty self-explanatory (Grace, anyone?)  and some are a little tricky, like, “Hold up, you want me to actually listen to my jealousy…what do you mean…where’s the peace in that?” Super great question!  Stick around the blog for a bit and you’ll find out.

Shalom and Actionable Lists,