Today the kids had their annual peace day concert.  All of the classes perform a selection of songs that encourage peace, unity, and dignity for all people.  It’s one of my favorite Haggerty events, and I was more than a little sad to think we may not be a part of the Haggerty community next year when we (hopefully) move to Roxbury.  This year Ms. Irvin Kent outdid herself.  There was dancing, instrument playing, and sign language to accompany the stirring, joyful music.

It was an emotional morning for me.  I laughed, I cried, it was better than, “Cats”.  I also revealed myself to be the crazy audience mom who cat calls her son’s name at the end of the performance.  Yes, I’m that mom!

Don’t believe me?  I have the video to prove it.

This is my favorite moment from the concert: Tyson introducing and dancing, “Los Machetes” with his fourth grade class.  

Awesome, right?  It’s probably a good thing Ty’s not playing soccer this year.  I’d probably be without a voice every Monday following a game.

Full of peace and joy,