I like to think of my writing as a conversation starter for topics I’m passionate about. Below are my favorite posts that have started my favorite conversations online:

We could talk about family and how it’s so hard raising bi-racial kidsconfident daughtersintroverted children in a family of extroverts, or teenagers who aren’t quite ready to follow the faith of their ministry parents.

We could talk about fashion and food and really pretty home decor ideas.

Pinterest is my boo.

We could talk about marriage and ministry and what to do when you have to say goodbye to your big dreams.

We could talk about books and things we’re into.

Maybe, you, like me, stink at small talk so you wanna go real deep— sure, let’s talk about racism, and reconciliation, and choosing to pray for your enemies.

Not too long ago, there was an Anababe hashtag that it was just a fun thing some of my friends and I made up because we really love the Anabaptist perspective of being all about Jesus, all about people, and all about shalom.

Being Anabaptist inspired my “Peacemaker’s Manifesto” and we could talk about that too.

But I’ll always try to be gracious and kind when I start a hard conversation. Peacemaking is hard enough, no need to add self-righteous tones and hasty words, right?