Hey Friends,

I was in bed sick most of the day yesterday so I didn’t get to share with you my post that ran on A Deeper Story yesterday called, “Speaking Fear, Praying Shalom”.  I tell the story of how the “Standing Our Ground…In Prayer” series started.  I hope you’ll pop over there and read it and then read this fantastic story by Tarama called, “Cheese Ball Rosary”.  So good.


This Black Mama is afraid when I roll deep with my three kiddos in the affluent parts of Cambridge. I’m afraid of sideways glances and watchful eyes. I don’t want to tell my kids that they must been seen and not heard, not because their little voices don’t matter, but because the sound of our invasion invokes fear or annoyance. I don’t want to tell them that today, I read another story of racial profiling resulting in another black boy’s life cut short, and I keep seeing my oldest son’s face replace the victim’s face.

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Praying Shalom Over You All Today,