Today I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker’s FMF (Five Minute Friday)  Our prompt for the day is: Write.


On Monday I wrote this Facebook status:

 Today’s been tough. It feels dark and cold. I’m sad about the car and I’m lonely without my hubs. I miss him. I do. He’s my other half, my sounding board, my warm embrace when life is bitterly cold. I also miss writing true words. Since the car drama started, I’ve written angry words, necessary words, silly smiley take the edge off the frustration words, and texty words punctuated by emoticons. All the words I’ve written have been frantic, scribbled words that almost always drain me of peace. So now it’s time to return to my outlet. To my words. To the beauty of sentence structure and adjective. It’s time to return to y true life-breathing words. So, I lit a candle. I sent the babies off to be bratty in their own rooms-there’s no space here for their drama. I’m going to pour a cup of coffee and I will write the true words that have been begging to be shared since the Grammys. I’ll write about Beyoncé, and sex, and true intimacy…and then I’ll hit publish.


It is a great and terrible beauty to be a writer. 

If it’s true that being a mother is like having your heart walk around on the outside of you, then being a writer is like exposing your soul for every person who dares to read your words.

Especially when we write our  true things.  It’s easier to write surface words than soul words.

But, if we writers are brave enough to expose our souls with our words—our true words— our soul words— God can renew our weary souls.  He can renew us in community when we find our Soul Sisters who read our words and whispered, “me too!”  His love can wash away soul stains when we write our pain, authentic and unfettered in our journals or the along the pages of our bibles.  And those who are soul-sick, the confused, the misunderstood, may find hope in our real words. Because oftentimes we’re just as soul-sick, confused and yes, at times our words are misunderstood.

I’ve let it keep me for far too long, so I want always remember my words, my life-breathing words, my soul words, the words that beg to be shared.  In this space, I want to  always be mindful of my words and I want to be courageous to let my soul to be exposed.


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Shalom and Soul Words,