As many of y’all know, I am an ambassador with Noonday Collection and I’m a contributor for their blog, “Flourish”.  Today I had the honor of sharing my story of being an African American ambassador, one of a few. I shared my deepest concerns in joining and the surprises as I’ve found my tribe in the Noonday Ambassador Community.



There’s something that I do in social situations that’s almost instinctual. It doesn’t matter if it’s a party at a friend’s house or a podcast I want to listen to – because I’m a black women raising brown children, I pay close attention to diversity and racial sensitivity.

When I’m deciding on a youth group for my kids, I follow the church’s Instagram feed to make sure there are pictures of kids of color learning, playing and just being goofy with white kids. If I’m checking out a women’s conference to attend, I search the speaker line-up to see if women of color have a voice. When I’m deciding on an organization to volunteer with, I look to see if the only pictures of black women on the organization’s website are of vulnerable women in need of service.

Two years ago when I first thought about becoming a Noonday Ambassador, I began to pay attention to the diversity on the Noonday website. The big question for me was, is there room at the Noonday table for me, a black woman who loves justice – both for the vulnerable African-American woman and for the oppressed Ethiopian woman?

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“There’s Always Room: On Being An African-American Ambassador