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My guest on the podcast this week is Kathy Escobar.  Y’all. She is wise and funny and so, so thoughtful.  You’re going to love everything she has to say about having hard conversations with people we disagree with and what peacemaking is (and is not). We both share a passion to take big concepts (like Shalom, like unity, like reconciliation, you know…so meta ;)) and making them practical so that we can actually live them out.

She tells us about a recent video series she did with The Work of the People, “Different Not Divided: A Third Way” with her co-pastor, Karl Wheeler about how they’ve navigated living together in unity while still honoring their differences at their church, “The Refuge”.


From the “The Work of the People” website:

When we love our theology more than our brothers and sisters we are usually left with
only two options: 1. Create increasingly larger, theologically monolithic and
homogeneous churches, or 2. Disintegrate, fracture and eventually close the doors and
lose relationship with each other.


For almost 10 years in The Refuge community, we have tried to practice a third option–a
Third Way–where instead of fighting for our positions or fleeing for the safe haven of a
group that looks, thinks, and believes like us–we live in the tension of our difference.

We are different, not divided.

And because practical application and providing awesome resources to the Body is something Kathy and I love to do, we’ve teamed up with Travis Reed over at “The Work of the People” to provide Shalom in the City listeners access to the videos and discussion guides. Normally you’d have to purchase these from the site, but we want to empower you, Shalom Sistas with this amazing resources to bring Shalom to your hard conversations and messy communities!

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Shalom Steps:

Every episode, I ask our Shalom Sista to give us 2-5 practical next steps to empower our Shalom practice in our everyday lives.

Here’s Kathy’s:


Perfect day in her city: Denver:

1: Travel in her car.

2: Go to Snooze for brunch

3: Hang out at Standley lake with a cup of coffee from Global Goods.


photo credit: Gretchen

4: Marvel at the mountains of Denver, they still surprise her after so many years in Colorado.

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