My guest on the podcast this week is Rachel Hollis. Rachel Hollis the brilliant founder of the Chic Site, head of the #chictribe and one of the most authentic women I’ve ever met.






I’ve followed her site for almost a year now and I can tell y’all that every single time I read a post or watched a #RachTalk I thought, ‘This woman is practicing Shalom in such a profound and important way’ so I knew eventually I’d invite her to come onto the show. Then last Christmas, I attended a holiday party with a purpose at the Chic Site’s headquarters just minutes from my house and I KNEW I needed to have her come teach us how to #PartywithPurpose and how she practices shalom in her everyday life. It was an incredible conversation.

We talk about everything from her upbringing as a PK  (pastor’s kid) and how that inspired her to see the sacred in gathering people together.  She shares with us the how the ChicShows Up Christmas Event came to be— which I have to say, y’all was a highlight of our first Christmas in L.A.


What I loved most about the event was that is was crazy festive, (I got my Mariah Carey “All I want for Christmas” sing on, for sure), but it was SHALOM IN ACTION.  All of us worked to create a Christmas care package for families transitioning from homeless into their new homes.

CRAFTS for the babies.  Rachel thoughtfully planned these packages to love on every single person in the family.  What an amazing Shalom Sista!



I was working at the pumpkin pie mason jars station.  I smelled amazing at the end of the event!


Pier One partner with the Chic Site by providing cute aprons for the care packages.


Even Rachel’s family showed up to party with a purpose.



Here’s Rachel’s Shalom Steps to help us ease into gathering and loving people with a purpose.


On the episode we talk about:

How Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker that changed her life

Her favorite coffee shop is Priscilla’s in Burbank, which since we tape the show (back in March) I’ve visited at least once as week, y’all.  I have a problem :).

She’s involved in Door of Hope, a faith-based organization in Los Angeles whose mission is to equip homeless families and rebuild their lives.

and her book series, “The Girls” was a spark of joy and Jesus’ way of saying, “I see you, Osheta.  You need to laugh right now” for me when my mother in law died last fall.

She also mentions these homeless care packages that she keeps in her care.  I’m so moved by the needs of the homeless community and I’m always asking God how to practically care for them, especially in this season of mothering, these were genius. Go to her post on it for a video walk through how to do these packages with your kiddos…methinks there’s a #SummerofShalom Instagram party op here…


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Rachel is Social Media Maven, she’s everywhere.  You can find her:

Instagram: MsRachelHollis
Twitter: @MsRachelHollis


Shalom in your earbuds Sistas,