Shalom Book Club #6

On the podcast today is the sixth edition of the “Shalom Book Club” where once a month, my friend Cara Meredith joins me to talk about a book.  Like I said in the first episode of this series this is partly to solve a very real problem I have- I simply can’t work in a book club in my week here in L.A.. This month we read the “The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love’ by Sarvenaz “Sarv” Tash.





249 pages, 26 chapters


Authors: Sarvenaz “Sarv” Tash was born in Tehran, Iran, and grew up on Long Island, New York. She received her BFA in film and television from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. That means she got to spend most of college running around making movies (it was a lot of fun). She has dabbled in all sorts of writing, including screenwriting, copywriting, and professional tweeting. Sarv currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. New mom!


Context: Graham met his best friend, Roxy, when he moved into her neighborhood eight years ago and she asked him which Hogwarts house he’d be sorted into. Graham has been in love with her ever since. But now they’re sixteen, still neighbors, still best friends. And Graham and Roxy share more than ever – moving on from their Harry Potter obsession to a serious love of comic books.


When Graham learns that the creator of their favorite comic, The Chronicles of Althena, is making a rare appearance at this year’s NYCC, he knows he must score tickets. And the event inspires Graham to come up with the perfect plan to tell Roxy how he really feels about her. He’s got three days to woo his best friend at the coolest, kookiest con full of superheroes and supervillians. But no one at a comic book convention is who they appear to be …even Roxy. And Graham is starting to realize fictional love stories are way less complicated than real-life ones.

Other Books or Media discussed in the episode:

Paper Towns by John Green

He’s Just Not That Into You by Greg Behrendt

32 Candles by Ernessa T. Carter

Princess Bride— the best motion picture ever…well in my biased opinion 😉

16 Candles— errr…this is awkward…I do love me some 80’s teen romances. Jake Ryan, Birthday cake and candles, anyone?

Promised Links:

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Next Month We’re Reading…


Cara and I are so excited this book has been sitting our in our to be shipped (or downloaded) queue for months. We both pre-ordered it, pretty much the moment Glennon announced it was ready.

Buy your copy and get ready for a great discussion on Shalom and Marriage next month on the podcast.


Falling in love, Awesomely 80’s references, Comic-Con Dreams, and Shalom