Do you  read books about justice and feel like you’re just not “radical” enough to help?

Ever wonder what  peace looks like in your life?

Does changing the world  feel like a thing you simply can not do with three kids in tow, a mortgage, and a minivan?

If so, “Shalom in the City” is the podcast for you. It’s a podcast for peacemakers.

What is “Shalom in the City”

an interview format podcast that encourages women to see the ways they can create shalom—wholeness, unity, flourishing, and change— right where they are. Every week Osheta chats with one of her co-hosts about how they’re living as peacemakers in their everyday lives.  Somewhere between a fun coffee date and a workshop, every episode will have a combination of storytelling and teaching from the featured guest, called a “Shalom Sista”.

Why Shalom

Shalom is a one way of saying peace, but it’s so much more than that.  It’s the world as it should be. Every woman who looks at her world, notices something that’s not working as it should be and asks, “How can I help” is a “Shalom Sista”.  The podcast exists to harness your earnestness and help you explore the many ways you can practice Shalom right in your context.

Meet the Co-Hosts:

Abby Perry is our Resident Shalom Sista on peacemaking and race.

In every episode, Osheta and Abby will discuss what it means to be our “sistas keeper” when it comes to the difficult but important conversation on racial reconciliation. In Abby’s own words:

“Osheta and I will talk about our personal experiences with racial reconciliation efforts, discuss news/current events, and break down buzzwords that seem to polarize conversations before they even get started. We’ll also be inviting you to submit questions or topics for us to discuss, and oh how I hope you will.”

I hope so too. You can find Abby on her site “Joy Woven Deep”, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram


 Cara Meredith is our Shalom Book Club Sista

In our episodes we’ll discuss one book through the lens of Shalom.

A Message to Bookish Shalom Sistas From Cara:

“Oh friends, I am so excited to read with you over the next couple of months. Maybe it’s the English teacher or the book nerd within me, but I love how the commonality of a piece of literature can bring us and bind us together.”

See the Book Club Page for season’s picks.  Check out Cara’s site, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Jerusalem Greer is our Shalom in the Home Hostess

In our monthly episodes, we’ll be talking about peace on the home front, everything from caring for your home to loving your neighbors. Jerusalem is passionate about community and life around the table.

“I LOVE to dig into the ways that intentional spiritual practices  and home traditions can produce wholeness in our lives and the lives of those around us.”

Find Jerusalem on her site, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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