I’m excited about this week’s posts on 40 Days of Peace!  So far, devoting Lent to exploring peace has been anything but peaceful.  It’s been pride shredding and assumption challenging.  This week I’ll be writing on forgiveness and putting my love to action by being “at peace with everyone as far as it depends on me” (Romans 12:18).
The first post will be called, “Forgiving Kristen Stewart For Ruining Twilight For Me” will be about assumptions, expectations, and being judgmental. I also made my outline for a blog post using Voice Memo for the first time, I may post that just for your laughing at my scatterbrained-ness pleasure.

Next, I’ll write be about  how I felt like an idiot making an appointment for a tattoo consultation over the phone, the consultation itself,  and the various symbolisms of the dove in the Bible. Working Title: “Dove…More Than a Phosphate-Free Soap”

I’ll end the week with “Forgiveness Origami”. Inside each dove I plan on writing a forgiveness prayer for those who have offended me, a prayer for forgiveness for the ways I’ve offended, or an offense that I’m choosing to release.  Rachel Held Evans did something similar with hate mail called, “Swords into Plowshare and Hate Mail Into Origami“.

This should be fun in spite of the fact that I am not a crafty chick…at all.  Like, I couldn’t cut a straight line to save my life. I’m really hoping I can pull this thing off though, it’ll be a cool reminder to forgive. Oh and y’all… if I have a hard time you can be sure I’ll write every detail and nearly blue expletive I utter from doves that come out looking like mutant birds on a mission to overtake the world with paper cuts.   

Friday will be Five Minute Friday and I’ll also include my playlist from the week that encouraged me and helped me access God’s heart on this journey towards becoming a more peaceful woman.

There will be goofiness but I’m hoping some goodness as well, so please subscribe through NetworkedBlogs with the link below.
Off to rent New Moon from the Library to watch while folding origami,

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