Today my friend said I looked stylish with my white top, capri jeans, and green scarf.  I told her, “The sun’s out!  My spring wardrobe is much cuter than my winter.”  It’s true. And sad.  But, fun too.   I really think we’ve turned a corner here in New England.  Warmer days, park play-dates, and bike rides with my Beautiful Jesus Spotify Playlist blasting are in my near future. Hopefully.Today, I’m linking up with Leigh over at Hopefully Leigh for her monthly “What I’m into” link-up for March.

  • On my Audible app
  • Listening to this month…
32 Candles by Earnessa T. Carter I’m so excited about this book! Just look at the bookcover!  I’ll probably review this on Audible.


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Renovatus: Seen  Wow, Mary of Cleophas is inspiring.
Meeting House: The Reconciling Church Efram Smith…putting it down for
  • Starbucks drink:
The Hazelnut Macchiato!  That green and white cup of nutty, creamy bliss is delish.
  • Redbox Rentals that I kept too long:
The Rise of the Guardians
Anna Karenenia
  • Beauty on Youtube: 

Yo-Yo Ma and L’il Buck

  • Biggest TV shocker:
Scandal is back and oh my gravy(!)… Olivia’s cute Fitz distraction may be a baddie.  Not cool creepy spy Navy dude, not cool.
  • New Blogs:
Jess in Process: Learning about God through the lens of Calvary.
Jessica Kelley is a fellow Greg Boyd fan and a beautiful writer.  Please, friends: Go. Read.  Be inspired.  Comment on her awesomeness.
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I observed 40 days of Peace.  And I:

I’m still working on that dove forgiveness origami mobile but y’all…that may be for the birds (haha). I opened the box and the instructions started talking about pliers and rods and my brain slightly fried.  Now the booklet is missing (thanks to my kiddos) and I have to call Aitoh to get it mailed to me.  If I somehow get it together, you’ll be the first to know.

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It’s time to take this little hobby of mine up a notch. I told myself if I was still blogging, have some readers, and have ideas for posts after six months, I’d give my blog a mini-makeover.  I’m trying to decide between two new blog templates help me! I love both. 

Template One: has the woodgrain I love, a fresh color scheme, and a fun header with flowers. 



Template Two has a dove/setting-free theme—y’all know how I feel about that, 🙂 and a neutral palate.  I love the font in the header.  


Which should I choose?!?!?! 

So…what about you? What are you into?  And, seriously…which blog template should I choose?

Peace Out Yo,