Hey Friends who own a Vera Bradley bag!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go all social justice juke (think the Jesus juke but about social justice issues) on you and tell you something’s wrong, wrong, wrong with our beloved Vera bags so we should burn them in effigy. I’m working on a blog post on the beauty of unified diversity for Friday and I need some help. If you own a Vera bag, will you please, please, please take a selfie with your bag and post it to my timeline?

I’m trying to compile a gallery for visual interest.

If you’ve got multiple bags (cough… cough…over here) get your daughter to hold it. No daughter? Multiple selfies of various colors would totally work.

Don’t worry, we’ll talk simplicity and materialism some other day…like when I scale down my collection 😉

Variety of colors and bags would rule.

Diversity of ages and ethnicity of bag holders would be ah-ma-zing.

If your mom, grandma, sweet little old neighbor who you wave at on your way to work owns a Vera and you don’t….will you help me by taking a pic with her (and her bag of course) ?  Just promise me, you’ll use your network and not Vera stalk some poor lady at the grocery store.

True Story:
On the bus last week, I tried to take a picture of this sweet elderly lady holding a purse in my laptop bag’s color, but I felt like a creeper, so didn’t. Win for social grace…not so much for this blog project.

But having this visual representation would be AWESOME for an upcoming post. So help me, please?


You can post your pics here on my Shalom in the City’s page.

And if you don’t “like” the page already…well why don’t you go ahead and kill two birds with one stone, Sister?

Loving all things colorful and beautiful,

P.S. No Converse pics today :(. I stayed in and cleaned my house, score for the reluctant housewife.