Hey Peeps.  It’s Friday.  Normally I’d write a quippy little intro to FMF. But seriously.  I have not time or space for such niceties.  But I will tell you this…FMF, rocks.  Take five minutes, write out your best meditation on grace, share it with the community.  Maybe by the end, you’ll feel a little better, more thankful, and grace-full.  Like me.  Kind of.  Well…I’m getting there.

Gotta go, the HOT WATER IS BACK ON!

See you on Monday,



So here’s the deal:

I had so much to get done today: a blog post up on the “Jesus Feminist” by Sarah Bessy, laundry for five people to wash, dry, and folded at the laundromat, meet with a friend to pray, wash the dishes I’ve been putting off, go grocery shopping, sort the kids Halloween candy and so much more. Oh let’s not forget the birthday party I need to figure out a plan B because it’s suppose to be wet tomorrow. And tonight…oh my goodness tonight I’m going to see Gungor so I need to shower and get pretty for that.  But there’s an emergency hot water shut-off, and it’s rainy.  So, everything’s going slower, taking longer, needing to be put off, and I’m agitated.  I’m snapping at kids, pacing angrily, click clacking away at my computer with just A BIT TOO MUCH FORCE, and I just. want. to. scream.

Where did my perfect day go?  The day where I woke up, sent the kiddos off, spent the morning laundering, the mid-morning gliding through the frozen section and lovingly choosing produce, the lunchtime prayer meeting where we sing, “Kumbaya”, the kids who come home ready to help clean house, the steaming hot shower and the “ahhhhhhh” of finally feeling pretty and ready to paint the town red?

Yeah…that’s not going to happen.  And I have two options: I can continue stomping around here like Momzilla on crack OR I can stretch my arms up to God and say, “Lord, I need grace.” I need grace from my readers that on Monday, that interview by Sarah Bessey will be up.  Grace from my kids who are so sweet and don’t deserve Momzilla.  Gracious heart towards maintenance that they’re only doing their job, shutting off the water to fix a problem that’s probably going to keep our complex healthy and safe.   Gracious expectations towards myself, that I’m human, I misjudge time, I don’t plan for weather and I forget to eat lunch (which contributes to overall Momzilla-ness).  Lord, I accept your grace and I extend grace to myself.  Because tonight…I’m going to see Gungor and I don’t want to enter into that wonderful space all grubby, and grouchy, and grace deficient.


and now…some Gungor goodness: