Today’s I tried out a recipe from Shauna Niequist’s book, “Bread and Wine” a staple here on the blog this year as I’m using the word, “taste” as my compass this year. Shauna’s words are like nourishment to my soul, just when wanted to lean in to my antisocial tendencies, her words beckoned me to the table of Jesus, where I found a renewed sense of worth and identity.  Her book reminded me of the power of Christian community and the intimacy of cooking and eating together.  As the audiobook came to a close, I understood why Jesus’ scandalous love was best put on display lounging around a table, breaking bread and pouring wine with undesirables.  I want to embody that type of love this year as I explore “taste”, but for now, I’m slowing down, taking time to just listen to Jesus’ teachings, and let them satisfy my hungry soul.

Which is why this recipe for Goat Cheese Eggs stood out to me.  A couple of housekeeping points before diving into my reflection:  I was so ravenous this morning, that I sat down with my plate of eggs and bible and dove right in, halfway through I realized I didn’t take a picture…so sorry about that. They were really pretty.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll snap a photo as I’m going to re-make them with actual goat cheese this time.  Which leads me to the next piece of housekeeping, my grocery delivery service sent cream cheese instead of goat cheese, so I have to walk up to the store near my house and buy a bit.

Here’s my favorite line from today’s recipe:

What I’ve learned along the way is that it’s all about a cold pan and low heat. When a friend of ours was teaching his wife to drive their boat, he said this is all you need to know: Slow is cheap. And the same is true with scrambled eggs. The only way you can mess them up, really, is by trying
to go too fast, and by cooking them at too high a temp.

Pour the beaten eggs into a cold nonstick pan over low heat, and cook so low that you think, really, nothing is happening.
Over time, drag your spatula through the middle, and you’ll see some fluffy curds beginning to form.
Steady and slow, now. Slow is cheap.

The book is still on sale on Amazon for $2.99, so go grab it, I won’t post her recipe here, but tomorrow I’ll post my “tweaked” version of her recipe. For the real deal you’ve got to buy the book (hint, hint).

I played around with her proportions, instead of 12 eggs, I used 2, when she called for goat cheese, I obviously used cream, but one thing I tried very hard to do was take my time. I cooked with a cold non-stick pan, I turned my heat down real low, I hovered and prayed this slow and stead to approach would actually produce lovely, luscious eggs.

After a while, I began to see change.  Even though I felt like nothing was happening.  It was.  The eggs were taking shape and  my patience was beginning to pay off.

I see a pattern forming as I set off this month to make 31 breakfasts and meditate on Jesus while doing so.  Do you see it too?  “Slow down.”  my recipes are telling me. “Take your time”, Shauna’s words instructed me. “Something is happening, even if we don’t see it yet.” I sensed as the eggs slowly formed.

One week into our resolutions, we may not see the immediate results of our efforts. But, don’t allow yourself to become discouraged. “Slow down.” “Take the heat off ourselves”, “steady and slow, now.  Slow is cheap.”

I need to resist the pressure to quickly achieve this new goal and just enjoy the process of being made new.  It may seem like nothing is happening, that I’m still the same woman who doesn’t eat breakfast regularly and needs a blog series to stay in the Word, but right now, that’s ok.  Like the eggs I will take shape into my best self, but it takes time to go from beaten egg to luscious fluffy curds of yumminess. It takes time, grace, and a willingness to go with the flow.

Instead of writing a reflection on the sermon, “Prince of Peace” by Brian Zahnd, (which was awesome by the way, more to come later this week, I hope), I want to leave you with these reflection questions:  In what areas are you wanting to God to form you into a new woman, and yet it seems like nothing it happening?  What have you prayed for constantly and it seems like God is not listening?  What areas do you want to jump in and turn up the heat of action, but you sense that slow and steady is the holy response? 

Go with that because it is.  The holy way is always the slow and steady way. Slow down my friend; taste and see that the Lord is good.

Shalom and scrambled eggs,