I’m so excited for y’all to meet Carrie Wilson. I learned about Carrie and her ministry to women who have been diagnosed with STDs when I heard her on Jamie Ivey’s podcast interview with Jamie Golden.  Carries is passionate about create safe spaces for women who struggle with sexual shame in the church, specifically those who have been diagnosed with an STD.  She knows that isolation and shame well, not too long ago, Carrie was diagnosed with HSV 2 and if it were not for loving leaders in the church coming alongside her she wouldn’t have been able to find joy and purpose even after her rock bottom moment.  What’s subversive about her joy is that historically, the church has not been a safe and kind place who have sexual pasts but Carrie listens to God’s call to change that on her church campus, she created “New” a small group for women in her church to find the joy of authentic and kind community. I just love our conversation and can’t wait for you to listen.


What we talk about:

Shame in the church

The prayer campaign that started it all

The value of a strong support system.

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Podcast News:

This month all our episodes will be around the theme “we will choose subversive joy”. So this month I have some pretty fabulous shows planned for you:

Oct 3: Carrie Wilson (Joy after hitting rock bottom)

Oct. 7:  Shalom Book Club! Cara and I will discuss “Love Warrior”

Oct. 10: Kelly Gordon (Sabbath: enjoying the life you have)

Oct. 17: Kacie Feeny of Persimmon Prints (Joy after infertility) + A GIVEAWAY!

Oct. 21: The Happiness Dare with Jennifer Dukes Lee (giveaway winner announced)

Oct. 24: Katherine Wills Pershey, “Very Married”  in difficult times and joyful times.

Oct. 28th: Shalom Book Club! Cara and I will discuss  “Roadmap to Reconciliation”

Oct. 31th: GILMORE GIRLS themed show.

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