New Shalom In The City!

Hey friends,

Ok, so you know how your friend buys a new home and she’s blowing up your Instagram feed with pictures of her place.  I mean, the girl even includes pics of the hardware on her kitchen cabinets!!!  She loves her new place so much. So she throws a housewarming party for you to come and see it all in it’s real life glory.

I’m there. I’m so, so very there.

Welcome to my New Home for “Shalom in the City”

I can’t wait to show you around this new space.  First of all, I have to acknowledge my husband, T.C. who made this thing happen, my friend Laurel who bought my first theme from me so I can afford this new home for my writing, and Tsh Oxenreider for the help with my Shalom Sista’s Manifesto.

Everything I love- pretty images, peacemaking words, organization, is in this new place.

Welcome, let me show you around:

First, read through the “Welcome Friends” posts in the six circles:

The you can look though my new menu bar! So many cool things:

When you see something you love, will you comment?  I’ve spent so many hours getting this ready and I would love to hear from you- it’ll make all the work worth it!

If you’re not on my mailing list to receive my posts, PLEASE SIGN UP in my cool new subscribe box to the right called, “Get some Shalom in your inbox” . I’m using MailChimp from now on so you can get posts in their entirety in your email, that way you don’t have to open a new link to read on the blog.

The MailChimp is super important too because I’ll send a monthly newsletter to email subscribers with resources on Shalom, freebies, and book reviews.  You don’t want to miss out!

I’m so grateful for this new site for this new year.  So many good things are going to happen, y’all!

Shalom and New Home Giddiness,