My guest on the podcast this week is Kristin Schlle.  Y’all.  She’s kind and welcoming and incredibly generous, not just with her time, but her encouragement too.  I hope you take a listen because she’s also incredibly practical on the topic of hospitality which is the practice of Shalom she’s most passionate about.

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You may know Kristin as the “Turquoise Table Lady”, she’s the founder of the Turquoise Table movement. She put a picnic table in her front yard, painted it turquoise, and began inviting neighbors, friends, and even strangers, to hang out and do life together at The Turquoise Table. A new concept of hospitality unfolded in her neighborhood, and before long The Turquoise Table led to a movement of Front Yard People—ordinary people who long to create community right where they live.

A gatherer at heart, Kristin brings people together for delicious food and stories at her table and online home

She also shares with us a recipe for this amazing dish which she says is a crowd-pleaser and what she’d cook my husband and me if we visited her in Austin. I haven’t made it yet, but I am going to the market today so maybe I’ll grab the ingredients for Chicken Marbella:



Shalom Steps:

Every episode, I ask our Shalom Sista to give us 2-5 practical next steps to help empower us if we feel inspired to share in her Shalom Practice.

Here’s Kristin’s:


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Shalom in your earbuds my Sistas,