Today’s guest is one of my favorite women, Victoria Tiedemann. She and I only know each other from online— we’re both Anabaptist women bloggers who love fashion and justice…were were bound to meet and become friends. Victoria is passionate about ending modern day slavery, she’s what some call an abolitionist. She tells us about the Justice Network and how she started working with them to educate others about human trafficking and she gives us some VERY SPECIFIC ways we can practice shalom when we shop. You are going to love how practical and fun this episode is.

What we talk about:

The Justice Network
How Target is actually a GREAT PLACE to shop…Glory be Lord.

Resource Lists for Shopping Ethically:

Non-consumable ethical & Fair Trade list of goods:

Fair Trade and Ethically Made Non-Consumable Goods

Ethical and Fair Trade chocolate (GREAT for Halloween)

Chocolate Companies

How her Anabaptist convictions encourage to love and humanize everyone caught in the system of modern day slavery— even the traffickers themselves.
Her perfect day in Summit, New Jersey

Victoria’s blog, “Justice Pirate” is here

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