Today I sit down with my co-host Jerusalem to talk about FOMO, Benedictine Monastic traditions, learning to love the life you have, and husband who are weary of our BIG ideas.  She just released her second book, “At Home in this Life: Finding Peace at the Crossroads of Unraveled Dreams and Beautiful Surprises” and it’s amazing.  Take a listen and come on over to the Shalom Sista Facebook page to tell us which of the three Benedictine Vows resonate most with you as you seek shalom in your home!


“At Home in this Life is the story of how everything I thought would make me happy came undone, and how I then found a way to make myself at home in this beautiful, messy, amazingly tender, completely unbalanced life, by imperfectly practicing one spiritual discipline at a time—smack in the middle of raising kids, mending the sweaters and burning the bread.  It’s the story of how I finally realized that the “problem” with my life was not my house, my job, or my marriage, my problem was me. Only a Conversion of life – a Transformation of spirit and heart – would help. So I jumped, with both feet, into an experiment where I tried to follow God’s leading instead of my plan, an experiment that resulted in a lot of fits and false starts, gut-level honesty and true change. Beautiful, messy, chaotic, daily… this is the story of how I learned to make myself at home in my life.”

Shalom Steps:

1: Choose a Benedictine Vow To Work On

2: Create Spaces to Listen

3: Curate Your Life

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Watering the Ground Beneath Our Feet,