Listen: don’t feel overwhelmed by keeping your New Year’s Resolution to eat healthier in 2018, let our resident Shalom Sista: Christine Brandt encourage you.

Christine Brandt is a certified health coach and the owner of Nourished!  She lives in LA with her husband and when she’s not watching Scandal, reading Harry Potter, or hanging out at the dog park, she’s loving on her clients.  She spends most of her time cooking for local clients, but is starting a new journey into the world of podcasting!

Today we talk about three small changes in our lifestyle diets that to make our favorite comfort foods more nourishing for our bodies. We talk about having a healthy theology of food, offering grace to ourselves, and indulging in moderation.

Recipes shared in episode

Make sure you check out Christine’s podcast, “We Feel Super Nourished” today. The sneak peek to the pilot is in today’s episode.

Shalom Steps:

1: Give it (at least) 30 Days

2: Remember you are MORE than what you eat

3: Make Nehemiah 8:10 your mantra

“Go and enjoy good food because today is a holy day to the Lord”


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