On our intro episode, I share what you can expect from the show, some key guidelines from the Shalom Sistah’s Manifesto and my dream day in my three favorite cities if Beyonce loaned me access to her private jet!

Justice is what Love Looks Like In PubliC


1: Shalom Sista’s Manifesto


Say Practice Shalom
We say “practice Shalom” here because it is living a life of wholeness is a practice.  There’s stops and starts, successes and missteps on this journey towards becoming women of peace. Calling our efforts to seek Shalom  “a practice” will hopefully strip away any shame, perfection, or expectation that we’re going to be all shalom, all the time.  I know I’m surely not.

Say Sista because we belong to each other
We wholly believe in Mother’s Teresa’s warning that “ If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other”

1: Join the community, let us encourage and inspire you.  So, subscribe to the podcast and come say hi on the Facebook group.  A link will be in the show notes.

2:  Help Shalom Sista’s find this community by posting a review on iTunes.

Apple’s algorithms are all about the subscriptions and reviews, so a simple shalom step would be is if you smiled, laughed, or felt inspired by anything you heard today, would you let the internet know so that women looking for a like-minded sistas can find the place where they belong?


  • Do we explore your city in transit or car?

MBTA for sure!  I love, love, love the transit in Boston.

  • We’re going to brunch together on a Saturday morning, where do you take me and why?

The Neighborhood restaurant in Somerville, MA!

  • What’s your favorite coffee shop?

Bourbon Coffee in Cambridge, MA

  • What’s your go-to order there?

White Chocolate Mocha…for sure!

  • Do you have a favorite urban oasis (some green space you love in your city)?

Audubon Park, it’s where I got married.  Of course!


  • Favorite date night spot?

Rooftop Bar at the Ace Hotel


  • And finally one surprising thing you love about your city.

How green Southern California is!

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