Lean in close, Sistas… because I’ve got a confession:

I’m am 100% here for a fantastic worship set on Sunday morning. Send me to a worship conference and I’m yours for life. Sometimes I have to keep myself in check and not email the worship pastor like every week to tell him or her how amazing Sunday morning was for me. I love worship much. SO VERY MUCH!



It all started in a little Pentacostal in Texas City, TX.  God met me at the altar with the worship band playing  “I Exalt Thee” and since then, music has been an integral part of my walk with God every since. We do our best work in music, God and I;  he challenges me, rebukes me, calls me, and woo me in the four minutes between verse and chorus, bridge and melody.  So it makes sense that music plays a huge pat in my shalom practices.

I’m in a season of grieving, waiting, and seeking God to bring shalom to my life that feels SO IN CHAOS. Last night, I turned on Pandora and true story…. every single song spoke to me. From Gungor to Matt Redman and everything in between it was like God was saying, “I see you, Girl. I So See You”  It was glorious and so God. I want to share a worship song that’s really motivating to live wholeheartedly, even and maybe especially if I’m feeling brokenhearted. Maybe this check-in here on the blog with a worship song I’m loving will turn into a regular thing.



Every step I am breathing in His Grace, Evermore I”l be breathing out His praise,