Won’t You Be My Neighbor?


What Mr. Roger’s can teach us about peacemaking in our communities when we feel divided.

Today we’re going to use neighborliness to practice hopeful resistance in the face of division. Wanna know what that means? It’s a really great episode and I hope you take a listen:

Three Lessons of Neighborliness from Mr. Rogers

Welcoming – Assuming a posture of neighborliness

  • Mr. Roger’s did this when he changed from his “work” clothes to his comfy clothes. How do we create body language that is comfy, welcoming, neighborly
  • Remember Nathan’s habit of greeting people by name
  • Shalom in the home – music on, sitting on the couch – no phone or book,


Learning – Going into community to learn about those in the community.

  • Mr. Roger’s always went to into the community to learn about peoples work
  • Frequent small businesses especially ones that might be off your regular radar
  • Ask questions
  • Volunteer
  • Shalom in the Home – teach kids to ask questions instead of making assumptions


Land of Make Believe

  • Mr. Roger’s used the Land of Make Believe to teach understanding
  • Storytelling is so important – read, watch movies, go to plays, listen to music that are outside your norm
  • Do these things with your kids – watch travel shows, children’s books about other cultures, eat in restaurants where you are the minority   



Falling Free by Shanna Martin

Strangers at My Door by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

The World According to Mr. Rogers


TV Shows

Blackish, Fresh off the Boat, The Real O’Neals, Speechless

Chef’s Table,


Customer Service Shalom



Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood Sharing Episode



For Kids:

Everybody Cooks Rice


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Won’t You Be My Shalom-y Neighbor,

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